HaoFa high quality universal 300ml Aluminum Oil Catch Can kit with air filter Racing Engine Oil Catch Can reservoir tank

  • Oil catch cans are devices inserted between the crankcase ventilation system breather valve and the intake manifold port. These devices do not come as standard in new cars but it is definitely a modification worth making to your vehicle. Oil catch cans work by filtering out oil, debris, and other contaminants. This separation process has many benefits for your car engine. The oil catch can filters out particles that would just collect around the intake valves if left to circulate freely around the car’s PCV system. Cars do not have an oil catch can ready installed. This may seem unusual considering the damage oil and carbon build-up can cause inside a car’s engine. However, installing an oil catch can is something all drivers should consider, especially those with direct turbo-injection engines. Built-up oil and other debris in the intake valve can cause engine misfires and hinder your engine’s overall performance. A cleaner engine is a healthier engine and an oil catch can is a device that can effectively keep contamination out of the PCV system, separating and storing oil away from the circulating air. Your car may not have an oil catch can ready installed, but that does not mean one isn’t needed.

Products Details

Product Name 300ml oil catch can kit with air filter
Material Aluminum Alloy
Height 114mm
Width 68mm
Weight 1kg
Fitting size 11mm 13mm 16mm
Appplication Engine System
Hose 0.8m 3/8'' NBR Rubber Hose
  • HaoFa Oil Catch Can is an universal fit catch can. Whether you have a Honda or a Mercedes, you can fit this oil catch can into your vehicle. It cleans impurities out of the air circulating in your vehicle’s PCV system. This catch can come with a breather filter, this allows you to customize how you choose to install the product in your engine. The breather filter can be used as a vent system when placed before the PCV or you can use the catch can without it. This oil catch can is made from lightweight aluminum, an inlet and outlet line are included, along with a 31.5in NBR hose.  This oil catch can does have a removable baffle that allows users to easily insert wire wool. This baffle aids the separation and filtering process and will result in cleaner air circulating the engine. To make cleaning and maintenance easier, this oil catch can has a removable base. This oil catch can comes with 3 different sized adapters, this means you can fit a hose of almost any size and the 0-ring gaskets will work well to prevent any oil leakage. Made for long-term use, the high-quality aluminum is strong and will keep your oil catch can be protected from wear and tear whilst it is installed.

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