HaoFa AN3 Nylon Brake Hose Line Assembly Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line For Motorcycle Or Racing Car

Why choose nylon to be inner material of brake hose? Nylon hose because of its easy assembly, clean, anti-aging, corrosion and other advantages, by the world's various automobile manufacturers favor, is widely used. In the future new models, all the traditional steel pipes are gradually replaced with nylon hose. The wire harness protection of new energy vehicles is basically flame-retardant nylon hose. The position of the nylon hose should pay attention to the following principles: (1). Try to avoid being eroded by battery acid. (2). Keep away from the exhaust device, compressor and all other heat sources. (3). Ensure that it is not subjected to any blow, friction, damage, distortion, etc., and try to avoid contact with sharp objects to avoid damage to the pipe. (4)reduce the fatigue value of the pipe to a minimum, and pay attention to the pipe in the environment temperature or its own temperature changes, the length of the pipe itself should not be changed, so as to avoid tension and fracture phenomenon. (5). The shelf used to fix the pipe should be considered to adapt to the change of the length of the pipe when installing, and should not damage the pipe in the installation process.

Products Details

STRUCTURE nylon+304 syainles steel+PU or PVC
I.D (mm) 3.2
O.D (mm) 7.5
SIZE (inch) 1/8
W.P (mpa) 27.6
B.P (mpa) 49
M.B.R (mm) 80
The advantages of nylon hose. 1. Improve the sealing of the braking system. The use of nylon pipe can make the car use half of the pipe's intermediate link, and the nylon pipe itself also has a high tightness, thus reducing the possibility of air leakage. 2. Improve the reliability and safety of the braking system. The air in the coastal area is humid, it is easy to rust steel pipe, and nylon pipe has good corrosion resistance, effectively avoid the problem of the card valve and other parts, steel pipe corrosion is easy to pose a threat to the car, nylon pipe is completely do not have to worry about, so as to ensure the reliability and safety of the braking system. 3. Shorten the inlet and exhaust time, improve efficiency, The nylon tube has smooth interior, large bending diameter and smooth air flow. In the same environment, the nylon tube can run faster than the steel tube and save more time. Why does the brake hose have PU or PVC cover? The PU or PVC casing attached to the outside of the hose is a protective device to improve the resistance of the hose to scratch or impact. How to maintain the brake hose? Brake hose is an important part to ensure the safe running of vehicles. Everyone who uses a car should pay special attention to the usual maintenance and inspection. In normal times The following points should be noted: 1. Check the brake hose regularly to keep the surface of the brake hose clean and avoid corrosion. 2. Avoid external force pulling brake hose. 3. Check whether the joint of the brake hose is loose and the seal is not tight. 4. If the brake hose used for a long time is found to be aging, loosely sealed or scratched, it should be replaced in time. The impact of brake hose malfunction in brake system. If the internal volume of the brake hose becomes large, it will make the braking system of the car lag behind and if it breaks, it will makes the braking system fail. Malfunction will occurs if the brake hose is blocked. 刹车管详情_08 尼龙刹车管详情_08 PTFE刹车管详情_12     刹车管详情_02 刹车管详情_03 刹车管详情_04

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